PetroVietnam Nghe An Construction Joint Stock Coporation: Human Resources - Result of success
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Over the years, PetroVietnam Nghe An Construction Joint Stock Coporation (PVNC) has gained great achievements in the field of business activity. To have that success, in addition to the wise and consistent leadership, there is considerable contribution of employees - those who have been hardened, developed with corporation through years.

Creative and enthusiastic way

In 2005, the Corporation officially operated in the form of joint stock company and did not have state capital, in 2007 became a member of VietNam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) and Petrovietnam Construction Joint Stock Coporation (PVC). Recognizing the importance of human resources, the leadership particularly has focused on planning and training staff, skilled workers and attracted talented people with enough ability and wisdom to implement projects well, ensuring business plans of the corporation proposed.

To realize the ambition to become a positioned unit of construction an specialized investment in the central region and broadening all over the country. In three year 2008, 2009 and 2010, PVNC has partnered with experts that have many experience in project management and constructed major projects such as Dung Quat  Polypropylene plastic Plant, Nghe An Petro Tower Building, project of changing technology, adding equipments, improving capacity of  Petroleum cement plant 12/9 up to 1500 tonnes clinker/day, etc. To ensure staff for business activities, besides attractting experienced professionals, PVNC also boldly rejuvenated staff in  recruitment of excellent graduated students in the universities which have good quality education such as University of Civil Engineering, University of National Economics, Polytechnic University, Vinh University, etc.  In 2009 and 2010, PVNC  recruited a Doctorate degree, five Master degrees in construction field who were trained in foreign countries such as France, Britain, Russia, etc. and 115 engineers have civil experience of over 5 years, especially engineers work in major groups, corporations that have a thickness of construction and investment, 14 students graduated with honors who want to work in PVNC.

Till now, the Corporation has more than 1,600 employees and nearly 600 skilled workers with labor contracts. Including 465 officers, engineers have university degree and graduate education, 676 skilled workers are equipped with full facilities and advanced construction. With strategy of rejuvenating the staff, PVNC bravely appointed many capable young officers assuming key positions of the Corporation as well as the affiliates.
Only after three years of joining the "PetroVietnam family", PVNC completed in excess of business plan in 2010: Turnover reached 891.19 billion (rising up 1.350% compared to 2007); profit reached 100.91 billion ( rising up 4.204% compared to 2007), pay to the State Budget 77.3 billion (rising up 540% compared to 2007); Life of laborers has been incessantly improved ( average income per worker in 2007 was 1, 4 million, increasing  to 4.5 million in 2010).

Idea environment is  for intellect and  activenes

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Bang - General Director of  PVNC said that with the motto "people are the most valuable asset source of the business”, is  the power combined by unity and cooperation in work to develop, the Coporation has many new policies in the training of human resources.

From 2008 to 2010, the Corporation interested in training to enhance capacity for staff working with a budget of nearly 3 billion in which the Corporation deputed 145 officials and engineers to take classes in business management, project management, classes of professional work teams, unions, training for Emulation and Reward by PVN and PVC held at Hanoi National University, School of  staff management belongs to Ministry of Construction, etc. Coordination and combined with vocational schools inside and outside the province opened 30 classes for 651 officers, engineers, workers to take training courses of technical English, accepting payment and settlement work, labor management, wage and social insurance, etc. For the Party work,  the Corporation regularly organizes conferences and grasp thoroughly resolutions of the Party, campaign of studying and following example of Ho Chi Minh to call for the officials, Party members, PVNC workers  try to emulate in productive labor,  implement successfully accelerated development strategy of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, PVC and PVNC.

For officials of leadership and management, the Corporation has plans to support and create conditions for 32 turns of officials, engineers participate in training Master degree of construction, international business administration, middle and high-level political classes in order to raise the level of political theory and business management. In addition, to ensure workers' rights, PVNC anually organises  raising skill level examination for 150 technical workers in all sectors such as electricity, water, welding, masonry, carpentry,etc. Contributing to help the Corporation often choose good work force, find new factors for productive business and implement well strategy of  human resource development comly with the orientaton of PVNC proposed.

Currently, PVNC has 235 skilled workers from grade 5/7 to 7/7. Over the years, PVNC appointed 15 good workers of construction aspects to attend the competition  "Good Worker", "Golden Hands" of  Nghe An construction industry, with result of 8 winners which included three gold medals, two silver medals, three bronze medals. Attending the Professional Skill Contest 1st held by trade union of petroleum industry in Vung Tau  city in 12/2009 and achieved a bronze medal. In six beginning months of 2011, PVNC conducted training for more than 300 staff employees. According to the plan, in 2011 PVNC will make training for 556 employees with total cost of nearly 4 billion VND.

Along with the development of human resources, the Corporation continuously improves execution capability by investing in equipments for construction services from 34.4 billion in 2008 to 55.4 billion in 2010,  and plans to invest 100 billion in equipments for implementation of key constructions and projects in 2011 and 2012. In order to master the system of new technology equipments, the Corporation sent 120 officials, engineers and workers to learn experience and accept the transfer of new technology to operate and control modern equipments such as system of piles, tower cranes, piling, commercial concrete mixers  and technology transfer in manufacturing building materials.

In addition to attracting and training staff to ensure the operating capacity of projects, PVNC has been implementing a new pay regulation under the job title and effectiveness in conducting work to fit the situation of PVNC, regulations of the industry and the State.

It can be said that from a company only works in small and medium construction, PVNC grows to become a general contractor and investor of works and large projects with requirements for high quality, technique and art. To enhance spiritual life of employees, the unions of PVNC regularly organize cultural exchange programs, sports with units inside and outside petroleum industry such as Vinh University, Traffic Construction Corporation promote creativity, learn experience of all officers and employees of the Corporation. With the investment in people, equipment capacity and management experience, PVNC determined to complete business plan in 2011 with targets: production of 1,262 billion VND, turnover of 1,032 billion VND; earning before tax of 150 billion VND, state budget payment of 100 billion VND, a growth rate of 150% compared with 2010 and average income of employees of 5.4 million VND/person/month.

To have a sustainable developement , PVNC will promote  further  the advantage of their existing in which high quality human resources is a factor determine business development. Therefore, training and developing human resource is an important work in three basic tasks: Developing human resources; applying new technologies; developing infrastructure to bring PVNC in 2015 to become  Corporation of Construction and Specialized Investment leading in Central-North area and having position  in the country, contributing to enhance brand of Petrovietnam Construction Joint Stock Coporation and Vietnam Oil nad Gas Group.

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